Antenatal Care – Including Shared Care with Specialist

Antenatal Shared Care is the arrangement between a GP and a hospital or specialist obstetrician to divide pregnancy care between them. If you feel comfortable with your GP and would prefer to keep going to your GP for pregnancy-related care, you can opt for Antenatal Shared Care. One of the most common reasons women choose shared care is because they’re comfortable with their GP or find it convenient to go to their GP who’s located near their home or workplace instead of going to a hospital every time, which can be quite a time-consuming process

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Shared Pregnancy Care: Is It for You?

The top benefits of shared Antenatal Care are:

  • Reduces the number of hospital visits saving you a lot of time
  • You can continue going to your GP, who is familiar with you and your needs and can offer you a more personalised service
  • Going to your GP during pregnancy for shared care also makes it easy for you to continue with them once your baby arrives. You can simply take your baby to the same GP for all their healthcare and medical needs over the years, which is convenient.
Shared Pregnancy Care: Is It for You?

How to Set Up an Antenatal Shared Care Arrangement?

If you are interested in an Antenatal Shared Care Arrangement, get in touch with your GP and hospital or specialist to find out if they offer this service. GPs who participate in Shared Care arrangements are likely to be affiliated with multiple maternity hospitals. If you like the idea of shared care, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you.

How to Set Up an Antenatal Shared Care Arrangement?

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Antenatal Care is important for you as well as your baby’s wellbeing. Choosing the right doctor will help you feel positive, calm and stress-free throughout your pregnancy.

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