Intraarticular Injections for Arthritis: Cortisone and PRP Injections

Over 300 million people suffer from arthritis all over the world, Arthritis is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of health conditions that affect the joints. It Osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are two of the most common types. Treatment options includeIntraarticular Injections for Arthritis to relieve joint pain and swelling.
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Treatment for Arthritis

Two of the most common injections used to treat arthritis include cortisone injections and platelet-rich plasma injections, both of which have unique advantages.

Treatment for Arthritis

Cortisone Injections

Cortisone Injections disburse corticosteroids to relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation. These are quick, effective, and non-invasive, thus being a good option for cases when normal medication or physical therapy are deemed to be ineffective. Before getting any shot, your doctor will get a thorough medical history and run several tests to ensure that you do not have pre-existing conditions that make Cortisone Injections an unsuitable treatment.As one of the most popular types of Intraarticular Injections for Arthritis, Cortisone Injections are a proven treatment method that helps reduce pain and inflammation.

PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP Injections) use the patient’s platelets to heal injured muscles and joints. This therapy promotes tissue regeneration and cellular growth to provide pain relief and healing. Compared to cortisone injections, pain relief from PRP Injections take longer to come, so instead of immediate relief, gradual effects are to be expected with this treatment.

That said, PRP Injections can have significant long-term benefits for the health and body. Thus, they are often considered investments that can improve a patient’s health in the long run. If you do not know what type of injection will best suit your case, you can always ask one of our doctors here at Narooma Medical Centre to learn about your options. Suitable treatments vary based on the type of arthritis you have and your overall health, so it is best to start by consulting your physician.

Cortisone Injections

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