Post-operative Dressing

Proper surgical wound and incision management is imperative to prevent complications such as Surgical Site Infections (SSI) in the post-operative time period. Post-operative Dressing is a very important component of wound healing. At Tuross Head Medical Centre, we offer Post-operative Dressing to help you heal faster and without any issues.

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Post-Operative Dressing and Its Role in Promoting Wound Healing and Speedy Recovery

Post-Operative Wound Care and Management involves timely review of the wound, proper cleansing and dressing and early detection and treatment of any complications that may arise. Initial wound dressing will need to stay in place for 48 to 72 hours on average, following which your doctor will advise you on Post-operative Dressing. Your dressing may have to be changed, ensuring the surgical site is kept moist and sterile to speed up healing.

If you notice any leaking or see that your dressing is coming off in a corner, please see a doctor immediately to get it changed. The last thing you need is to risk infection by allowing bacteria and debris to make their way past the protective, sealed layer of the dressing.

Things to Avoid Doing:

Please keep in mind that even if the incision seems to have closed up, any form of stress on the site can lead to the sutures or staples tearing open. So, remember to be careful when you move around and avoid touching the surgical site. You don’t want to accidentally tear or damage the suture or incision with rough handling. Even when showering, avoid touching your dressing. Be conscious of the dressing and take the necessary precautions to ensure you don’t compromise its efficacy in any way.

Post-Operative Dressing and Its Role in Promoting Wound Healing and Speedy Recovery

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