Skin Biopsies and Flap/Graft Repairs

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Skin Biopsies

Skin Biopsyrefers to removing a small section of your skin to screen for diseases, infections or cancers. Skin biopsy can be done in one of three ways:
Excisional Biopsy: In this method, the doctor will use a scalpel to remove the affected area of skin, including lumps or the fatty layer of the skin.
Shave Biopsy: Shave biopsy is one of the most common methods used. In this method, the doctor will use a tool to shave or scrap off a small section of the affected skin. It is superficial as only the top layers of the skin are removed.
Punch Biopsy: A punch tool is used to cut out a small, circular section of the skin, including the epidermis, dermis and superficial fat).

Skin Biopsies

Flap Repairs

Flap Repairs are done in cases where the excised wound is much too large that it cannot be closed by being sewn together. As its name suggests, the procedure involves taking a portion of the adjacent skin, which serves as the “flap,” and using this to cover the area of removal. The flap allows your skin to preserve its natural appearance and speeds up the recovery process since you are maintaining blood flow in that area.

Skin Graft

Skin grafts or Graft Repairs, on the other hand, are done when a flap repair is not recommended. In this procedure, the skin is taken from a different area of the body and moved to the area where the lesion was removed. It is commonly done for large open wounds, deep burns, and other similar skin conditions that leave a wound too big to be stitched.
There are two main types of Skin Grafts, namely split skin grafts and full-thickness skin grafts: Split Skin Grafts: This involves shaving the surface or top layers of the skin and applying this to the wound area. It is often taken from the abdomen, thigh, or back, and is used to cover larger areas.
Full-thickness Skin Grafts: This involves removing all the layers of the donor area, including the epidermis and dermis. The shaved skin will then be cut into the right shape and placed on the wound area. Compared to the split graft, the full-thickness Graft is used for smaller wounds and in more visible parts of the body like the face. It also tends to have a better cosmetic effect since the graft blends better with the skin.

Flap Repairs

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