Work cover injuries and reports

Work Cover Injuries and Reportshelp maintain transparency between the employer and employee with regard to workplace injuries. The report will typically include information such as the nature of the injury, the causeand the treatment plan as well as clinical findings of examination, diagnosis and an estimated time frame for recovery.

The Work Cover Injuries and Reports will contain relevant information on instructionsthe injured party needs to adhere to following the injury, to speed up recovery and avoid further damaging themselves. It will also help receive workers’ compensation to pay for the cost of the treatment.

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Our Work Cover Injuries and Reports will include:

  • Reported nature of the injury, the cause, and the trigger
  • Clinical findings on examination
  • Diagnosis and the possible other causes
  • Management required and anticipated time to return to the regular employment
  • any inconsistencies of the presentation that may require non-medical actions such as workplace dissatisfaction, other non-work contributing factors, exaggeration.
Our Work Cover Injuries and Reports will include:

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Workplace injuries are a daily occurrence in Australia and worldwide. It’s impossible to eliminate workplace injuries altogether as life is unpredictable and humans are bound to make mistakes and get into accidents. But how you deal with the injury can determine how quickly you recover and how well your rehabilitation is.
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