Medical Services

Tuross Head Medical Centre is known for our extensive list of medical and allied health services, including:

Chronic Disease managementComprehensive Diabetes management
COPD and Asthma ManagementWomen’s Health
Child’s HealthMen’s Health
Endocrine disordersPregnancy-related care
Minor surgerySkin cancer management
ProceduresChronic pain management
Mental Healthskin biopsies and flap/graft repairs
Venesection for HemochromatosisPost-operative dressing
Podiatrist serviceAudiology and hearing test
Annual health checksWork cover injuries and reports
Fracture and sprain management- cast and strapsIntraarticular injections for Arthritis- Cortisone, and PRP
intralesional injection- keloids, scars, ContracturesCyst excisions, Callosities, warts, nail removal
Wedge excision for ingrowing nails, Abscess drainagePre-Employment and Drivers Fitness Medical
Antenatal care including shared care with SpecialistEmergency management- wound closure, Early stabilization
Pre-employment health checks- Drug test, audiometryDiabetes management- Footcare, Insulin Management
Travel advise including vaccinations, prophylaxis
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