Pre-employment Health Checks, Drug Test and Audiometry

Pre-employment health checks are a dependable way for employers to determine if a potential candidate has the physical and mental ability for the job position that he/she is applying for. It gives you an unbiased, medical review of the person’s health so you can make an informed decision when hiring them for a particular position.

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Pre-Employment Health Checks: How Useful Are They?

An employee who is not physically fit for the job will not only be less productive but may end up costing the company a lot of money due to medical costs. It is, therefore, important for employers to check the health status of a prospective employee to determine their physical capabilities in performing the tasks that are assigned to them. Pre-employment health checksare useful in:

  • Identifying any pre-existing health conditions that their prospective employees may have especially the conditions that may require long-term care and management. Pre-existing conditions are important factors in hiring a suitable candidate for a job position. When employees lie about their existing medical conditions, lives may be in danger. Take a look at the example of a December 22, 2014 accident where six people were killed when a driver of a container truck blacked-out on a busy street. The driver failed to disclose a pre-existing condition of blacking-out.
  • Determining whether or not an employee is suitable to be transferred to another department with different work conditions. Employers must also be careful in moving their employees to different work environments. Employees who have a medical history of being hypertensive must be kept away from stressful work conditions.
Pre-Employment Health Checks: How Useful Are They?

Additional Tests

Apart from the standard test, we also offer additional tests such as:

  • Drug test. Alcohol and Drug test assessments are the most common screenings that employers require of their potential employees. The screening of the use of drugs and illicit substances can be screened along with the urine analysis. Our accurate analysis of the urine sample can provide you with evidence of previous drug consumption or in monitoring the abstinence of drug use.
  • Audiometry Testing. For employees that need to be alert at all times, we can also screen their hearing abilities using our Audiometry testing facilities. During the Audiometry testing, we will analyze if the employee still has normal hearing and can hear noises between 0 and 25 decibels.

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Additional Tests
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