Pre-Employment and Drivers Fitness Medical

The safety and even productivity of a workplace go only as far as the health and fitness of its workers. This is especially true for the transportation industry. Road safety is highly dependent on the ability of the driver to see the road clearly, react promptly, and make timely decisions. Pre-Employment and Drivers Fitness Medicals will give a comprehensive and exhaustive report of a person’s ability to do justice for a particular job position.

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Driver Assessments

While on the road, making the correct decision in a split second could mean the difference between a close call and a fatal accident. Our medical assessments test sensory, cognitive, and motor function skills to determine if the person is suitable for the job they’re applying for.

Driver Assessments

Physical and Mental Fitness

Long hours of continuous driving, sleepiness, and inability to cope with stress are some of the common pitfalls in the transportation industry. They pose a serious risk not only to your potential employees but to the people around them.

Our medical professionals can identify the current and future health risks of candidate drivers that can accurately gauge their effectiveness on the road. This includes their ability to endure the physical and mental requirements of the job. From there, you can make the appropriate decision.

Vision Assessments

Much of a driver’s effectiveness on the road would depend on clear eyesight. According to a study, 90% of a driver’s reaction is based on vision, and 40% of all vehicular accidents happen at night when vision is compromised. Evaluating the eyesight is important to avoid endangering the person as well as others on the road.

Drug and Alcohol Tests

Substance abuse can seriously affect your judgement and reflex, making you a threat to yourself and society at large.

Our Drug and Alcohol Screening Tests can detect the use of illegal substances such as cannabis, methamphetamines, amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, and benzodiazepines. We can guarantee that a prospective driver is fit for the role and up to the responsibility of handling a dangerous piece of machinery like vehicles.

Physical and Mental Fitness

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Hiring a driver who is unsuitable for the job poses a great risk to your company, the rest of your employees, and other people on the road. Protect your business, workplace and staff with our Pre-Employment and Drivers Fitness Medical.
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